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Cambridge developers should honour their full green-space and public art obligations.0
Whistleblowers should be rewarded not punished. 1
Equal Oppertunity7
Think first8
Just do me a favor and keep writing such trenchant anlayess, OK?11
Investigate the Banks Investigate the Arms Trade Rehaul the United Nations Rehaul the so called Free Market in the Global Market Get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank Investigate Wall Street and its connections to Drug Money Review the Cuts to Public 1
Be fair6
Living wages for artists and gardeners0
Be patient!!0
Rules need to be discussed monthly in a public space0
Same rules for everyone!1
No rules1
Globalise the NHS14
More play6
Keep smiling0
Be kind3
Dissolve international borders0
Regulation of the arms trade3
Regulations of Banks. Complete reassessment of dets. Dissolve the federal reserve bank.3
More football pitches1
More clean public toilets1
Use bikes1
No Olympics No football0
Equal distribution of wealth1
No school on Friday 1
Try and love your parents2
Living wage for artists and gardeners3
Smoother pavements1
Stop judging by appearances0
Respect other people's privacy.5
Be skeptical about rules.0
No more corporate sponsorship.1
There should be no exams at school, only continuous assessment.0
Caring tasks to be equally divided across the genders.3
Shorter bus rides.1
Everything free. Abolish money; equality of wealth for every person.0
Get rid of this reality and replace it with the one you can imagine.0
Put yourself into someone else's shoes before you judge them.1
Abolish differences in education.0
No inheritance.0
Abolish the monarchy and their clan.-1
Be nice.0
Abolish private education.-1
Peaceful non-violent action is always the answer0
Freedom of speech0
Please 0
Free education for all 6
Smile everyday at someone9
Respect others7
Affordable housing8
Communicate not fight!5
Bring property prices in line with salaries0
Make cyclists equal road users to cars0
break a rules sometimes7
Reward the deserving unrewarded...0
Abolish dogma; welcome questioning, understanding and tolerance.0
There's only one god, thank god.-5
Redefine the concept of a winner away from ruthlessness and to be for others.1
Encourage a context that enables people to lead and share the best life they can.0
No rules for those who can handle no rules.0
Equality of franchise (everyone has an equal voice).0
Equality of opportunity.7
Guidelines, not rules.0
Follow Christ1
Remove choice.-6
Value people - pay carers not bankers.1
Hormonal equality for all to reach true equality. 0
Abolish arms trade.1
Re-introduce caps on private house rental.1
Abolish year 1 phonics tests. 0
Equal rights for children.0
Abolish oedipidal law. 0
Abolish gravity. 0
Equal income, equal wealth.0
Eat loads of chocolate and sweets.0
Enjoy your life as much as possible without hampering other people's enjoyment. 1
Don't make stilt-walkers work in the mud. 0
Abolish the nation state. Nicely. Move to grassroots organisation.1
Have fun.0
Stop cars belting down our residential streets4
Don't treat alcoholics with drugs when rehabilitation would be more appropriate.0
Instate car free sundays2
Free beer7
Visit your neighbours more often.1
Be kind to each other.1
Listen to you teacher.0
Keep your hands to yourself.0
Curtesy and warmth.0
Abolish rain (temporarily).0
Do not litter (I hate litter).0
No racism.0
Regularly commit random acts of kindness.3
Less is more -1
Overcome class divide and abolish government, violently is necessary.0
Treat people as you would want to be treated yourself.1
Ex exploitation.0
Understanding and open mindedness.0
Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, it doesn't go away.0
Whether you believe you can, or believe you can't, you're right.0
Tell the truth.0
Make peace not war1
Be peaceful to People0
Slow down cars0
Money for the poor.2
Equal pay for absolutely everyone doing a full day's honest work. Except people working in advertising.1
Respect yourself Respect others Take responsibility for your actions 1
Society should provide employment for all.1
Reduce economic differences in society.0
Unto those that have shall be taken away, unto those that have not shall be given.0
No umbrellas.0
She was only the fishmongers daughter and still laid on the slab and said fillet 0
Oh matron my back alley needs a clean0
Every potato needs a helping hand6
Every garden needs Light 2
Bouncy girls deserve better 4
Give big girls a chance 1
Move towards organic farming0
Be kind and teach kindness 0
Equal distribution of natural resources2
Free public transport1
Do to others what you would like to have done to you0
It's only a joke if everyone can laugh0
Be tolerant orientated0
Make it a republic0
Scrap nationalism!0
Free higher education for all3
Make time to meet new people in the real world to enrich social interaction1
Respect other beliefs even if they are wrong.0
Ubuntu, united we stand divided we fall.kizito arts movement 0
Let the little people rule.0
Free ice cream for everyone.0
A little consideration to help outsiders feel welcome and at home.1
Abolish the nation state.2
Honesty is the best policy0
Keep public land for public use, for example don't sell off the fire station for luxury flats.1
Ubuntu, united we stand divided we fall.kizito arts movement 0
Don't waste money with blanket rules, giving money away to people who don't need it, just to win votes.0
Evolve beyond religion.1
Clear the slate and start again.0
Be nice.1
Have clearer speed signs in Cambridge 0
Love your neighbour1
Love God, love your neighbour0
Stop being so aggresive you arsehole drivers!0
Make all medication available to everybody no matter where they live0
Be sure to include out-groupers0
Don't judge people before you know them0
Lawyers should be regulated in their pay0
Expect the unexpected1
Leave it as it is!0
Treat people as we would like to be treated when we are at our lowest0
There should be no money incentive when it comes to family law0
Abolish public school0
More bins0
Respect for all including children right up to old age1
There has to be complete transparency in the government short of endangering the realm0
Live in peace3
Homes for the homeless2
Respect freedom of speech.0
Good manners cost nothing.0
Respect people's ways.0
Do to others what you would want them to do to you.0
Manneke Pis on Parker's Piece0
A parade of fire extinguishers would do more for the public good than the Olympic Torch Relay!0
Do not waste money on the Olympic Torch!1
Listen to other people's views.0
Safer roads for cyclists.4
Re-evaluate freedom of speech: We need to be able to discuss violent opposition because sometimes it might be necessary.1
No rubbish on the grass0
No inherited wealth0
Be nice to people6