Augmented Reality overlays graphics onto the real world


Submitted rules are positioned around the edge of Parker's Piece. Use a smartphone or Internet-enabled tablet to view the rules in-situ by walking in and around the rules on Parker's Piece.


To participate in the augmented reality experience you will need

  • A smartphone or tablet with Internet connectivity
  • The free Wikitude World Browser installed on your device (see below if you do not have this)

Getting Wikitude

Wikitude World Browser is available on the following mobile plattforms – follow the market links to download wikitude onto your smartphone.

Download Wikitude for Android Download Wikitude for BlackBerry Download Wikitude for iOS Download Wikitude for Symbian Download Wikitude for Windows Phone
Download from Google Play Download from App World Download from iTunes Store Download from Ovi Store
Download from Marketplace

Starting "Reality Rules"

Go to Parker's Piece in Cambridge and start Wikitude on your device. Select the categories page, select Events and click on the "Reality Rules" channel to start the experience.